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Welcome to S.A.G.E.

S.A.G.E. implements a holistic approach to leadership growth and capacity building. We merge mindfulness, and breath & brain science with social-emotional learning and the principles of restorative justice to dramatically elevate the efficacy of schools. We teach capacity building to deeply impact and stretch our resolve to talk about tough issues, effectively manage challenging situations, and hold ourselves accountable. 

Building Leadership Capacity for the Highest Good

Our Mission & Vision

S.A.G.E.’s mission is simple-- to make schools better for children.

S.A.G.E. imagines a world where schools are loving spaces for all children, where a school's social-emotional well-being, culture, and climate are as important as its academics, performance, and ranking.


It’s one of the hardest things we have to come to terms with—that we love and cause harm at the same time.

from Unconscious Bias In Schools

Our Why

Our why is simple. We want schools to stop causing harm to children. And, we believe that through capacity building rooted in personal transformation and personal accountability coupled with audacious, mindful leadership, this can be achieved.

We do not really see through our eyes or hear through our ears, but through our beliefs.

from Other People's Children

How We SAGE...





Holistic Approach

Our rule of thumb is to be human about it. Whether we are leading professional development, creating systems design, or implementing programs we focus on people. If ‘it’ makes sense for people, includes people and accounts for affective factors, it will be effective. Therefore, we use a holistic approach that emphasizes the relational and incorporates best practices from multiple fields:

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Restorative Practices

  • Brain Science

  • Breath Science

  • Mindfulness

  • Trauma-Informed Practices

  • Mind-Body Wellness

Stressed Woman

Capacity Building

Self Care First

You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

We define self-care as the ability to be, act, and respond in ways that cause the highest amount of good and the least amount of harm to mind, body, spirit, and growth of self as well as the mind, body, spirit, self-growth of others.


We know that when the Mind and nervous system are calm and regulated our capacity for responsiveness, good decision-making, and resolve increases. So, we work with the root of capacity building to impact the whole. 

Breathing Meditation

Accountability As Capacity

Inherent in capacity building is accountability—the ability to acknowledge harm caused and take steps to make things better.

The capacity to be accountable takes greater skill and practice than we give credit, and it is often supported or thwarted by culture & climate. 


Individually and collectively it correlates to levels of self-regulation, self-awareness, and deft management of challenges measured against the degree of one’s commitment to growth.


The above facilitates the growth of responsiveness, empathy, recognition of conscious and unconscious bias, emotional intelligence et al.. We use accountability, not as a stick, but as fundamental to growth, transformation, and making schools better for children.

Requiring accountability while also extending your compassion is not the easiest course of action, but it is the most humane... 

from Rising Strong

What Our Partners Are Saying...

"Your lesson yesterday was WONDERFUL! I feel like that was the most engaging and thought-provoking PD that I have ever experienced in my 21 years of teaching! I am using some of your ideas about restorative justice to use a discussion today in Spanish. It ties in perfectly to the idea of EXPERIENCES - which is our unit at the moment.

J. Moreno

A.C.E. Charter High School

"This has honestly been the most helpful self-select workshop since I've started this journey with TFA. Thank you for making me vulnerable. Thank you for taking me to my happy place. And, thank you for listening. So blessed to have met you!"


Teach for America Fellow 

"Mindful Leaders is the answer to the question, "What next?". It is engaging, empowering, and absolutely necessary in every adolescent classroom."

Samiha Carroll
International Educator
Author of "Hair"

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