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The Five Transformations

Culture of Inherent Worth

From defining student potential, capabilities, intelligence, and worth by standardized test scores.


To seeing, hearing, and knowing students well enough to maximize potential, while acknowledging inherent worth.

Working Smarter, Not Harder


We specialize in climate & culture transformation with expertise in restorative justice, restorative practices, social-emotional learning, facilitation & engagement design. We help leaders work smarter, not harder by providing high-level support to assist with school transformation and leadership growth. We offer a suite of services as well as tailored packages to meet individual and organizational need.


Strategic Planning & Partnership

  • Strategic Planning

  • Whole School Systems Design

  • Thought Partnership

  • Strategy Development

Meeting Design & Facilitation

  • Agenda Development

  • Process Design

  • Decision-Making

  • Facilitation

Professional Development

  • One-to-One Performance Coaching

  • Customized Small/ Large Group Training & Retreats

  • Collaborative Planning

Program Development & Design

  • Curriculum Development & Design

  • Program Development & Design

We Offer Consulting Packages




Leadership Suite


Educators Suite


Whole School

Working with S.A.G.E. has given me the boldness that shows up as "unstoppable." Even when I want to stop, I’ll periodically get a “check-in text” saying “how’s it going” and that is no small gesture! It always leaves me with a sense that God is checking in on me through S.A.G.E.!!

Jael Freedman, CEO of Inner Baby