Founder & Well-Being Practitioner

Malene Kai Bell founded S.A.G.E. Wellness in 2017 after witnessing the stress and burnout teachers face in the current climate in education. Too often, the stress that teachers face can be traced back to the rigid divisions and growing expectations that teachers must navigate throughout their careers. Malene firmly believes that an alternative approach is available, which can transform difficult classroom dynamics and alleviate burnout. 

For the past seven years, Malene has worked on social-emotional competence, restorative justice, and restorative practices initiatives, which have informed her development of whole school approach programs.

An avid meditator, she began practicing mindfulness in 2007 after the death of her brother and a period of personal hardship, and she has taught others the power of meditation and mindfulness as a means of finding equanimity for the past four years. She has created programs and led professional development workshops on mindfulness for youth in Baltimore’s Youth Initiative High School, case managers at Baltimore’s Department of Juvenile Services, and educators from Patterson Park Public Charter School and Violetville Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore, Maryland.

 Additionally, she has trained teachers in mindfulness and self-care practices for Teach For America cohorts, presented on bridging the gap between race & equity, restorative practices, and mindfulness for Teachers in the Baltimore County Public School System, as well as Urban Teachers Center.

A published author, Malene holds a B.A. in English from Morgan State University, a M.A. in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, and a M.Msc. from University of Metaphysics in Holistic Coaching.



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