Professional Development (On-Site & Virtual)

S.A.G.E. Core (Foundational Workshops)

S.A.G.E.'s Core Workshops introduce mindfulness as a driver of capacity building & well-being in schools.

Introduction to Mindfulness: Self-Care, Teacher-Student Relationships & Academic Performance

Learn how stress impacts teacher-student relationships & academic performance while exploring the importance of mindfulness &self-care.

School Discipline for the Nervous System: Mind-Body Coherence & Breath

Dysregulation cannot regulate dysregulation. Explore ways to recalibrate the nervous system with

the breath and learn why traditional models of school discipline are often counter to whole school well-being.

S.A.G.E. Restorative

S.A.G.E.'s Restorative Workshops focus on building the pre-requisite capacities need to mindfully & effectively engage students inside and outside of the classroom.

Respond vs. React: Affective Communication + Restorative Questions

Learn to use mindfulness as a catalyst to respond vs. react when communicating affectively and de-escalating conflict.

Everyday Mindfulness: Facilitating Dialouge Circles

Explore engaging ways to introduce mindfulness in your classroom through dialogue circles. Build facilitator skill through games, mind-body exercises, and mindfulness practices.

S.A.G.E. Uproot

S.A.G.E. 'Uproot' Workshops teach ways mindfulness can reduce inequity at the level of thought, action, and awareness.

Roots & Branches: Metacognition, Mindfulness & Awareness

Cultivate a metacognitive lens and learn ways that mindfulness can increase awareness and decress inequity in schools.

Mining the Mind

Learn how implicit bias plays out in the classroom and ways mindfulness practices can begin to uproot it.​



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