Mindfulness Apprenticeship for Young People

As a series of three, 7-week courses, the Mindful Leaders Apprenticeship Program is designed using a gradual release model. By the completion of the program, apprentices will have the capacity to teach mindfulness to their teachers and peers, while also having the ability to serve as a peer ambassadors in their schools to resolve conflict. Courses include:

  • Mindfulness + Me introduces apprentices to mindfulness and increases their capacity to 'sit' for up to 20 to 30 minutes on a regular basis.

  • Mindfulness + Others teaches mindfulness in relationships. Apprentices learn key communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution skills.

  • Teaching Mindfulness prepares apprentices to teach mindfulness. Apprentices graduate to Mindful Leaders who design a mindfulness professional development and can teach mindfulness to peers and teachers in small groups, as well as assist peers in resolving low-level conflicts.



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