Mindful Leaders Apprentice Programs 

Benefits of our Training Programs

Designed by an educator for educators, Mindful Leaders Apprentice Programs & Courses provides everything you need to integrate mindfulness practices and conflict resolution in your classroom, school, or organization.

With a focus on building the capacity to respond vs. react, Mindful Leaders courses support you in building self-awareness (through the ability to identify Mind), self-acceptance (through dedicated mindfulness practice), and leadership.
Our courses center on well-being and are guided by the mantra, "To transform the world, transform yourself." And our leadership framework is rooted in the principles of 'Each One, Teach One', "Ubuntu', and "The Seven Generations Principle."

Mindful Leaders Apprentice Program

Young people cultivate leadership skills, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance through a year-long apprenticeship in mindfulness and conflict resolution.

Therapy Session

Mindful Leaders Apprentice Teacher Training Program

Learn how to teach and integrate mindfulness and conflict resolution in your school or classroom. 

All of our programs take the best of social-emotional learning, restorative justice, as well as trauma-informed learning and merge it with transformative mind-body practices like mindfulness, mindful breathing, and movement to create robust opportunities for educator & student growth in the following areas:

Self-Awareness & Mutual Accountability

Our self-awareness strengthens social awareness and empathy, a key relational and leadership skill.

Responsiveness vs. Reactivity

Our capacity to respond vs. react is a key ingredient in relationship building and key to establishing trust & accountability.

Leadership as Self-Mastery

Self-Care as Capacity Building

A leadership grown from interdependence requires accountability balanced by self-compassion,  which fosters self-acceptance and powerful decision-making.

Our ability to respond is in direct proportion to our level of self-care. Our service to self, bolsters our service to others.