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Reclaiming the Sacred Self

The Power of Self-Care in Burnout Prevention

Your awareness of and acceptance of your Sacred Self is in direct proportion to your level of self-care. Self-care is intrinsically connected to your sense of self-worth and shows up in the way you talk to yourself and allow others to talk to you. It shows up in what you choose to do with your time and in what you allow others to do with your time; it shows up in your level of interest in yourself and the degree of alignment of those who surround you. It is audible in your ability to be honest about your needs and desires and concretized in acting upon your intuition.

S.A.G.E. approaches self-care as soul care. We know that the more aligned your life and your actions are with the deepest part of you, the more your ability to 'regenerate' and 'revitalize' is increased.

Burnout can set in when the proportion of outward responsibilities--work, childrearing, tending to the needs of others--far exceeds your self-care to the point of the diminishment of your needs, your values, your time, and your joy.

Reclaiming the Sacred Self

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Reclaiming Your Sacred Self prioritizes self-care as a lifestyle and life-long commitment, so as to prevent or reverse the impact of burnout. Our framework has also helped leaders with alignment, purpose, and visioning. 

Through a focus on the 8 Reclamations Framing, we offer holistic coaching rooted in self-empowerment. We offer a Reclaiming Your Sacred Self burnout prevention training and a personalized coaching program. 

The quality of this training was excellent. I've been sharing the gradient exercise with a lot of people as I recognize this as a powerful tool for one to gain clarity on how their values and needs align with their organization. Thank you! 

Clinician, Healthcare for the Homeless