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A New Song of Peace

BALTIMORE, MD – January 24, 2018 – S.A.G.E. Wellness is pleased to announce a new Peace Room for teachers at New Song Academy. Located in Baltimore’s Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood, New Song Academy enrolls 160 students in pre-K through 8th grade. Developing strong relationships between staff, students, and the community is part of New Song Academy’s mission under Principal Lisa Brown. Originally an old computer stock-pile room, the Peace Room now has plush sofas, pillows, relaxation water fountains, essential oil diffusers, mindfulness exercise tools, and nature-themed décor.

New Song Academy has already implemented restorative practices into its core work with students. This room, however, provides a shift in how educators can cultivate time for self-care in their work day. “Teachers and students need a space to reflect and respond to the daily challenges they face, Principal Brown shared. “The Peace Room offers a great space for our team to utilize Restorative Practices to support their communication and deepen their relationships.”

Preventing teacher burnout is an essential component to having a successful school system. Burnout can manifest in feelings of physical exhaustion, low workplace morale, high stress, and low personal self-esteem. A 2016 study by Eva Oberle and Kimberly Schonert-Riechl found that a teacher’s experience of burnout increased cortisol levels in the elementary students they taught. Increased cortisol can interfere with memory and learning. High teacher turnover as a result of burnout also disrupts the continuity of education and stability in classrooms.

S.A.G.E. Wellness is based in Baltimore, MD, and offers on-site retreats and professional development trainings designed to support educators and to prevent teacher burnout. As a former educator, Malene Kai Bell, S.A.G.E. Wellness’s founder, believes that, “The combination of high expectations, decreased support, and unreasonable time crunches are a recipe for exhausted teachers.” With S.A.G.E., Bell has cultivated a range of holistic and healing including Reiki, mindfulness teachings, massage, nutrition education, acupuncture, and biofeedback, which educators can also access independently. To contact S.A.G.E. Wellness, please visit www.wellbeingforteachers.com.



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