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Cup of Mindfulness Online begins April 16th!

S.A.G.E. treats mindfulness (and heartfulness) as a transformative practice, the fruits of which increase through consistent practice. We believe to transform the world—or even a small corner of it—you have to transform yourself. This transformation begins with seeing and then understanding the nature of Mind—that ‘directive’ force that guides our belief, decisions, and ultimately or action or inaction and the quality therein. Mindfulness increases heartfulness as well, expanding the heart’s capacity for self-care and self-compassion which helps us be more empathetic, patient, and wise.

On Monday, April 16th we will launch our "Cup of Mindfulness" live online course, which will run for 8 weeks from 7pm to 8pm tentatively.

To learn more, contact Malene at info@wellbeingforteachers.com.



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